Keenweld were established in 1993 and for almost 28 years, we ran our operation from a shop/office in Berwick upon Tweed.

We are now based in Cumbria and primarily, our main activities are Technical Services serving Cumbria, Dumfries & Galloway, Scottish Borders, East Lothian & Northumberland.

  • On-site welder training (MMA. MIG & TIG)

  • On-site safety training (Oxy/Fuel Gas Processes)

  • On-site risk assessments. BCGA Code Of Practice 7 (CP7) safety testing which is a legal obligation of Oxy/Fuel, MIG/TIG equipment by an experienced gas inspector. As well as workshops, we also offer testing of Inert gas regulators in laboratories.

  • On-site calibration of welding machines.

Through our suppliers, we can supply machines as well as welding & oxy/fuel equipment UK wide at a modest carriage charge.

As we are mainly mobile and sometimes working all day on clients premises, you can appreciate that we cannot always take phone calls.

We respectfully ask that if you have any queries, we prefer if you could please contact us by Facebook private message or Email

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